Anne Andersdatter Parents:  Anders Gustavsen and Siri Ellingsdatter   (Anders was born in Sweden and his ancestry is documented on the Swedish Roots page.)

Norwegian Roots

Emma Christianson's Family

Emma Christianson was born in Minnesota in 1887 to Amund and Anne Christianson. Her two oldest siblings and her parents were born in Norway.   
An immigrant chest was handed down from Emma to her son Russell. (The meter stick in front of the chest provides a scale indicator.

The five youngest Christianson children in a photo taken about 1906.   From left to right they are Clarence, Amanda, Emma, Minnie and Anne.  The eldest sibling, Christian is not shown.

It is possible from the Norwegian Records to trace the family to the farms they resided on.   These farms include Nordgarden and Brattlie which can be seen on the map of Major Farms near Hurdal as well as Rugrota and Oppgarden which, with Nordgarden, are shown on the Closeup map of Nordgarden.   A Google Earth view of Nordgarden today, shows the actual farm buildings.
The picture below show's Hurdal's church today.  This is the building where the baptism, marriages and funerals for this family occurred.

Anna A.
Born May 30. 1853
Died Dec. 15, 1898
Gone but not forgotten

According to the LDS Family Search, Amund Kristiansen was born 16 May 1859 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.   He was christened on 19 Jun 1859 in Hurdal.   Amund's parents were Kristian Andersen and Anne Michaelsdatter.    

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City contains a Norwegian book entitled, "Hurdal bygdebok".   This is a history of Hurdal and it contains a chapter entitled, "Hurdøler Som Reiste Til Amerika"  which Google Translates as "Hurdaler[s] who traveled to America".
There in 1883 is the entry,  "Husmann Amund Kristiansen f. 1859 gift med Anna Andersd i 1879"   or "Farmhand Amund Christiansen b. 1859 married Anna Andersdatter in 1879." The marriage year is correct for this couple.   Leaving Norway in 1883 is consistent with the information that Amund gave in various US Census reports.   This confirms that Hurdal is the source of this branch of the Christiansons.

The Norwegian Government has created an online digital archive of Census records, court records, and parish records. From these, a family tree for Amund Christianson has been created.   The records themselves have been extracted and are reproduced on this page.  (Look for a rectangular area with a different grey background to quickly locate the precise entry.)

Amund's Great-Grandparents  
    Peder Olsen and Berte Joensdatter 
    Halvor Børgensen and Malene Simonsdatter
    Simon Olsen's and Marie Hansdatter

Amund Christianson's Grandparents

  • Anders Pedersen and Marie Halvorsdatter
  • Michael Amundsen and Rønau Simonsdatter

Hurdal Maps

Norwegian Census Records

Norwegian Church Records 

Amund Christianson and Anne Andersdatter son Christian

This trunk may have belonged to Emma's oldest sister Anne who would have been an infant when the family emigrated in 1883.  No other likely owner has been found yet in the family history.

Anne Christianson's Headstone

Carved into the front of the chest is the inscription:  

Anne Ammunsson

Albert Lea, MinneSotta

North Amerika

Norwegian Surnames
Historically, Norwegian children were referred to as the son or daughter of their father.  Women retained this even after marriage. Thus, Marie the daughter of Hans Pedersen would be know as Marie Hansdatter. Her brother, Ole, would be Ole Hansen. Occasionally the name of the farm on which they were residing would be added to the name to clarify which family was being referred to.  About the time that the Christianson family immigrated to the US there was a change to dropping the 'datter' usage for girls and women thus referring to all children as 'sen'.  The siblings Marie and Ole would then be Marie Hansen and Ole Hansen. 

Amund Christianson's Parents:  Kristian Andersen and Anne Michaelsdatter 

Amund Christianson and Anne Andersdatter

Amund Christianson's Headstone:

Amund Christianson
May 16, 1859
Feb 27, 1836

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