Helen Grasdalen Great Grandparents

  • Alv Olsen and Groe Johnsdatter
  • Lars Gunnufsen and Turi Brynildsdatter
  • Wilhelm Halvorsen and Ulvild Giselsdatter
  • Elling Gundarsen and Helge Jonsdatter

Ole Furgeson 2G Grandparents

  • Ole Helgesen and ?
  • Folqvart Kittilsen and Judith Gulichsdatter
  • Knut Jacobsen and Karen Torgrimsdatter
  • Peder Hansen and Thone Johannesdatter
  • Christopher Andersen and Rønnaug Aasmundsdatter
  • Gregar Halvorsen Ryen and Margit Gregarsdatter Stivi

The Furgeson's (Folgvartsen's) came from the Deelkaas (Deilskås Su-Tveitan)  farm near Heddal (now Notodden) in the county of Telemark. Many of the baptisms, marriages and funerals linked below took place at the famous Heddal Stave Church which was built in the 13th century.

Thea Matilda Onstad 3G Grandparents

  • Peder Knudsen and Kari Gulbrandsdatter
  • Johannes Syversen and Ingrid Gudliksdatter
  • Knud Nilsen and Dorthe Engelbresdatter
  • Jens Olsen and Gunild Olsdatter
  • Johnanes Syversen and Ingrid Gudliksdatter

Ole Furgeson was born in Wisconsin the year his parents, Kittel Folgvartsen and Margith Pedersdatter arrived in the US from Norway with his older brother Peder.   The family name evolved from Falgaasan in the 1860 census to Furgeson in the 1870 census.

Obernolte Family Norwegian Roots

Three different Norwegian family lines connect to the Obernolte Family.   These are the families of Thea Matilda Onstad,  Rudolph Furgeson and Mabel Olson.

Thea Matilda Onstad's family came from the area around Øystre Slidre, in the county of Oppland.  

Thea Matilda Onstad Grandparents 

  • Knud Pedersen and Ingebord Knudsdatter
  • Trond Trondsen and Ingri Jøgersdatter

Ole Furgeson Grandparents

  • Folgar Kittelsen Deelkaas and Anne Olsdatter Stigen
  • Peder Haroldsen Solli and Rønau Olsdatter

Ole Furgeson 1850- 1908

Ole Furgeson Parents:  Kittel Folgvartsen Deelkaas and Margrette Pedersdatter Solli

Helene Grasdalen Parents:  Lars Olsen Grasdalen and Ragnild Moen Gislesdatter

Thea Matilda Onstad Parents:  Knute Knutsen Onstad and Mali Thronsdatter Bolstad

Ole Furgeson Great Grandparents

  • Kittel Olsssen Lia and Margitte Volqvarsdatter Reisjaa
  • Harold Knudtsen Lia and Aaste Pedersdatter
  • Ole Christoffersen Velta and Thone Gregarsdatter Ryen

Thea Matilda Onstad Great Grandparents

  • Peder Gulbrandsen and Marit Joensdatter
  • Knud Iversen and Marit Jensdatter
  • Tron Larsen and ? Nielsdatter
  • Jøger Johannnessen andIngri Syversdatter

Norwegian Surnames
Historically, Norwegian children were referred to as the son or daughter of their father.  Women retained this even after marriage. Thus, Marie the daughter of Hans Pedersen would be know as Marie Hansdatter. Her brother, Ole, would be Ole Hansen. Occasionally the name of the farm on which they were residing would be added to the name to clarify which family was being referred to.  Later, there was a change dropping the 'datter' usage for girls and women thus referring to all children as 'sen'.  The siblings Marie and Ole would then be Marie Hansen and Ole Hansen. 

Thea Matilda Onstad 2G Grandparents

  • Gulbrand Pedersen and Marit Gulliksdatter
  • Joen Torgersen and Ragnild Knudsdatter
  • Iver Olsen Toldstad and Dordie Knudsdatter
  • Jens Olsen and Gunild Olsdatter
  • Syver Johansen and Randi Jøgersdatter

Helen Grasdalen's father's family came from Tinn in the county of Telemark.  The Grasdalen Farm is located on Tinnsjoen (Lake Tinnsjø) which was the location of the sinking by the Norwegian Resistance of a railroad ferry carrying Heavy Water for the German nuclear weapons project during WWII. Helene's mother came from  from Sigdal in the county of Buskerud. 

Helene Grasdalen 1865-1928

Helene Grasdalen 2G Grandparents

  • Ole Høljesen and ?
  • Gisle Jensen and Sigir Gundersdatter
  • Gundar Ellingsen and Astrid Pedersdatter
  • Jon Gudbrandsen and Joran ?

Helene Grasdalen Grandparents

  • Ole Alfsen and Gro Larsdatter
  • Gisle Wilhelmsen and Jørand Ellingsdatter

Grinolds Family