Hubert Kohn's Grandparents:

  • Johann Kohn and Catharina Leuck
  • Bernhard Hoffmann and Margaret Reinert

Anna Mich Parents:  Heinrich Mich and Maria Wegener

Temmels' Church Records

Hubert Kohn

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Temmels Photos - taken April 2011

(Given the small size of Temmels, and the fact that both families were Catholic, it is likely that the Kohn brothers had been acquainted with the Mich family prior to their emigration.)

In Jan 1883, when Hubert was 24 and Anna was 18, the couple married at St. John's Catholic Church in Rochester, Minnesota. The photo is presumed to be their wedding picture.   They lived in Hyde Park, Wabasha County, Minnesota where they raised ten children.   Matthias and Bernard Kohn  also settled in the area and raised large families.

Hubert and Anna and other family members are buried at the cemetery of the former St Clements Catholic Church in Hammond, Minnesota. 

Anna's father Heinrich, who died in 1888, is also buried in the same cemetery.  It is probable that Anna's mother Maria (Wegener) Mich is also buried there as she died in Hammond in 1897.

Temmels Information

Hubert Kohn' Parents:  Matthias Kohn and Elisabeth Hoffman

Anna Mich Grandparents:

  • Johann Mich and Elisabeth Hess
  • Johann Wegener and Elisabeth Leinenweber

Hubert Kohn's Great-Grandparents

  • Matthias Kohn and Magdalena Kesseler
  • Frederick Leuck and Anna Maria Kuboren
  • Johann Hoffman and Maria Sadeler
  • John Reinert and Elisabeth Kohn

Anna Mich

Anna Mich's Great Grandparents

  • Johann Mich and Maria Lang
  • Philipp Hess and Margaretha Oswald
  • Johann Wegener and Susanna Klein
  • Mathias Leinenweber and Margaretha Hurth

Grinolds Family

Hubert came later in 1877 at age 19 with his older brother Matthias Kohn, then aged 28. Hubert and Matthias traveled in steerage on the S.S Weser from Bremen, Germany to New York. Their younger brother Bernard, joined them in Minnesota in 1880.

Hubert Kohn and Anna Mich came separately to the United States although both were from the same small town of Temmels, Germany. 

Anna was only five years old in 1870, when she came with her parents (Heinrich and Maria) and six siblings (Matthias, Maria, Margaret, Elizabeth, John and Nicolaus) on the SS Java from Liverpool to New York.